NuWave Precision 1300 Watts Induction Cooktop Review

Nuwave is the well-known brand for advertising their products for their ability to cook foods quickly. Nuwave precision 1300 wat is one of the famous portable induction cooktop available in the market. This portable induction cooktop heats up twice as fast as the other cooktops. The cooktop boils water in just 90 seconds!  It is one of the best portable induction cooktops that can reach the temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooktop automatically goes shut down if the temperature goes anything higher than that. The main benefits of this portable induction cooktop it is energy efficient than another cooktop.  It only uses up to 70 percent less energy!  This cooktop comes in black color which can easily match with any kitchen. It has control panel with the multitude of buttons. The customer has provided many positive reviews about this cooktop. Sometimes this cooktop provides temperature failure.

This portable induction cooktop has six different temperature controls which are pr…

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying Stainless Steel Cookware?

Products made with stainless steel can be cleaned with ease by hand or using a dishwasher. In fact, a scrubby can clean it easily even if the cookware was left overnight. Some steel cookware brands have pots which discolor a little bit when used frequently under a boiler. Luckily, the change of color can be rectified easily using Barkeepers friend.

Before you use a pot for the very first time, it is recommended that you first wash them using warm soapy water. All cookware should be cleaned using mild soap and a nylon scrubby. Stainless steel cookware has only one serious disadvantage. When exposed to salt water for a long time, pitting starts to develop. Generally, stainless steel cookware is suitable for browning, roasting and frying food. These pots are designed to cook on low to medium heat.

They are safe and great for healthy cooking. Unlike other types of cookware, stainless steel pots do not react with acidic foods like tomatoes, so you never have to worry about eating food tha…

Tips For Buying The Best Stainless Cookware Sets

When shopping for the best stainless steel cookware, quality is an important factor to consider. There are also some other very important points which should be considered when you buy cookware made of stainless steel. For instance, most cookware might have numbers of the format 18/10. This simply means that the amount of chromium is 18 percent while nickel is 10 percent. A true “stainless steel” must have these values in order to be considered authentic.

 The metal alloy combination in stainless steel ensures that the cooking pots are rust resistant and will be durable, strong and of good quality. A T304 stainless steel is of surgical grade. When this alloy is being produced, nickel is added to increase the resistance of the material to corrosion and give it a brightly polished finish.

The addition of nickel also makes cooking pots and other products more tolerant to high temperatures and structurally harder. The good quality cookware of surgical grade contains 10 percent nickel. An…